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photos © caroline rabourdin

Une Architecture Des Humeurs:

dates : 22.01.09 - 26.04.09


le vendredi, samedi, dimanche, lundi de 12h à 19h

tarif:  plein tarif 6€ / tarif réduit 4,5 €


4 rue du Bouloi

75001 Paris

tel: + 33 1 78 09 49 50



Here I’ll show a plethora of photographs but little info about the exhibition. Many thanks to Le Laboratoire which allows photography in the premises, which isn’t the case in all galleries.
“Une Architecture des Humeurs” is a research project born out of a collaboration between architects R&Sie, (François Roche and Stéphanie Lavaux) and a team of scientists (listed below). 
The spatial arrangement of the projects is very carefully put together, like entering in a house, and makes interesting use of an industrial product, i.e. those plastic flaps you find at the entrance of cold rooms. It’s well detailed and well laid out, although you can easily miss the last two spaces if you are not curious enough. 
My overall feeling was of a collection of slightly disjointed projects, and I found it hard to understand some of them because very little information is given about them until you reach the ‘process room’ - which by the way, could almost be an architectural studio with is row of Macs and made me feel uneasy if it weren’t for the lively conversation going on next to me -.
There you are told about cellular development and other biological principles. 
I wish I was able to attend the lecture which took place on the 16th of February at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris-Malaquais for an enlightening presentation.
But then I found more info about the research process on this website:

R&Sie(n) / Le Laboratoire / 2010
Scénario, design, production : R&Sie(n) / François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux

Associés à :
François Jouve / Process mathématiques
Marc Fornes, Winston Hampel, Natanael Elfassy / Computations
Stephan Henrich / Process et Design Robotique
Gaëtan Robillard, Frédéric Mauclere, Jonathan Derrough / Design et Process de captations physiologiques
Berdaguer et Péjus  / Scénario Nano-récepteurs
Mark Kendall / Microneedles
Delphine Chevrot / Takako Sato / “The Lift”
Candice Poitrey / Interview Physiologique
Chris Younes / Introduction aux  «substances affectives »
Jiang Bin, architecte
Laura Bellamy
Rosalie Laurin